Urgent Translation

There is no doubt that today's market economy is moving faster than ever before. Along with the need for faster turnaround times there is also the need to communicate effectively in multiple languages. This ensures that business ties are strengthened and an international community and audience is reached.

But what do you do when you urgently need a last-minute translation of your documents? A report that came in last-minute? A legal document needed for a very specific date and time?

We have the answer!

Urgent translation is a sector of the document translation field that is often unappreciated until it is needed. We have many years of experience in dealing with urgent orders and last-minute requests and our efficient management and large translation team based in many different timezones means that a quick turnaround is always possible. We are available at all times to provide advice and quotations for your express translations and can complete many orders within 24 hours, working to your schedule to meet strict deadlines and fulfill all your needs. Our additional services such as proofreading and certification are also available as part of your express order.

A small surcharge (33%) ensures that when using our Express service, the quality is not compromised in any way.


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e-mail: contact@cengolio.net