What do we, Cengolio Translation Agency, have to offer you?

As a translation agency it is our business to convey the meaning of a given source text into a foreign target language. Not only are the grammatical structures and vocabulary completely different from the source language, but the entire cultural and communicative underpinning. All these factors need to be taken into account to achieve an accurate but fluent translation, which reads smoothly to a native speaker whilst retaining exactly the meaning of the message.

In order to be competitive on the market, a translation agency must take great pains to assemble a team of excellent translators, who not only have outstanding command of both the source language and their mother tongue (target language), but also excellent translation skills and thorough knowledge of their chosen area of expertise. Not to mention a dedicated and diligent work ethic.

Cengolio Translation agency is accredited according to EN15038. We have implemented a quality management system to make sure that we are doing everything we can to meet the highest standards of linguistic work. All our language experts are required to meet rigorous quality criteria and are thoroughly vetted as to their qualifications and skills. We are proud to have accrued a fantastic network of dedicated translators and take care to assist them in every possible way in fulfilling your translation assignments.

The demand for translation agency services is growing fast in an increasingly globalized world. We at Cengolio Translation Agency are ready for the challenge. Our utmost goal is to maintain high quality while accommodating our customers’ budget and business requirements.


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