Transcription Services

The development of today's wide range of speech recorders has led to a greater need for messages and documents first stored on one of these recorders to be later transcribed, that is converted from the spoken to the written word. This is a very specialised skill which can only be successfully undertaken after appropriate training. An example of the use of machine recording and transcription services can usually be found in the keeping of records of the proceedings in law courts. is the specialist place where you can access such services. Because our transcription service is available twenty four hours a day on a world-wide basis you can be sure of fast and accurate service. All our transcriptions are checked by a second transcriber to ensure the highest level of accuracy.

We also offer a transcription service for material delivered to us in a variety of ways.

The first step in audio / video translation and transcription is the process of transcription, or converting the media file to text format. Media can include recordings of conferences and meetings, telephone conversations, interviews, lectures and so on. The time needed for transcription can vary and is based on certain factors including the length of the audio/video file, the people taking part in the conversation, the topic, background noise and the dialogue itself. The process of obtaining a transcript from an audio or video file is called transcribing.

For example, the time taken to transcribe a biology class lecture will be quite different from the time taken to transcribe a poorly recorded conversation between two people. This is because informal conversation uses a great deal of non-standard vocabulary and idiomatic language. There could be lack of linguistic resources that match the interpretation of non-standard vocabulary.

Translation experts estimate that it takes approximately four minutes to transcribe one minute of audio recording. This means that it would take roughly an hour to process the transcript of a 15-minute audio recording. Once the transcription process ends, the translator takes over and translates the text from the source into the target language. Audio and video translations follow the same logical processes.

Tapes, online recordings, handheld recorders, dictaphones are among the methods of delivering material to us for processing. We can deliver the resultant documents by email, post or even by messenger in some places. Whatever you need a transcription service for, we can provide it. Try us now and see for yourself!


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