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If you're looking for translation into Spanish, you need to know what you're going to get for your money. You might think, for instance, that it's really easy. Contact a translation office with your requirements and ask them to translate into Spanish. Job done. But it's not that simple.

If you don't use a translation office with the expertise for your market, you could end up with a document or a website with content that's simply not suitable.

Because there are major differences between the way Spanish is spoken in continental Spain and in Latin America, and the differences - both in language and culture - are considerable, you need to be sure that you are employing a translation office that has professional knowledge of such cultural distinctions, and understands exactly what you're looking for.

Take something really simple: the word for 'computer'. In Spain it's 'ordenador', in Latin America it’s 'computadora'. There are different words in each territory for such common terms as avocado, peach or car. The list goes on.

And that's before matters of culture and grammar have been considered. The key to managing these complex linguistic issues is to choose the correct translation office to begin with - a translation office that understands that translation is more than just simply converting a text from one language into another.

Questions need to be asked at the outset. Where is the audience for this text located? What variety of Spanish do they speak? Only then can the job begin. And only then will you get the result that you're looking for.

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