Medical Translation

Medical translation involves translating regulations, technical, clinical or marketing documentation, training manuals or software in the medical, pharmaceutical and healthcare fields. Most countries including the UK require literature and labelling in medical devices and pharmaceuticals be translated into national language of a destination country. Furthermore, documentations for conducting clinical trials must be translated in order for local medical professionals and representative to be able to read them. Medical Translation consists of several steps; that is the reason why it should carried out by a translation agency, which assigns a team of dedicated professionals to oversee all the translation details.

The several processes in Medical Translation include:

  • extraction of text from the source format
  • converting the source language text to the target language text
  • putting back the translation into the original format
  •  proofreading to ensure formatted text displays right to eliminate corrupt text.
  • native speaking expert reviews the translation to make sure all the specifications of the translation are met.

Medical translators must have knowledge in the medical field. For example they should know different drugs, their brand names and substitutes, and medical terminologies among others. This is required in performing a number of duties such as translation of 'how to use' directions, after care information, or medical brochures.


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