Marketing Translation

If your marketing business or research needs to be promoted in an international arena, having quick access to expert translation services becomes absolutely essential. If you don’t know where to look, great quality marketing translation is rather hard to come by. Marketing translators need more than native speaking skills: fluency in both languages, knowledge of the sector and specific jargon in both countries, marketing know-how and copy-writing skills. It’s no wonder that these people are difficult to find. Fortunately,'s approach is different. We don’t go and look for them, we teach them.

We provide our translators with comprehensive assistance and support, helping them to develop and become proficient in their métier. Each translator has a few specific specialist areas which enables them to fully concentrate on them, keeping abreast of current developments and preserving their language skills. There are many schooling opportunities for writing skills and marketing know-how and we encourage our language experts to make the best use of them.
Close contact and communication with the translator and the customer concerning terminology, style and corporate marketing guidelines are all-important in achieving a perfect marketing text. A marketing text that is at once linguistically accurate and stylistically sympathetic to your native-speaking customer out there.


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