French Translation

French is the native language of about 75 million people around the world. When spoken, French pronunciation and use has natural variation in different countries; regional differences remain negligible meaning speakers from different regions can still speak and understand each other. Whatever the content may be, we use only native French-speaking professional translators. has a team of professional translators with the right expertise and experience in the field. French translators have relevant knowledge and experience in IT, sales, marketing, finance, legal, marketing, software, consumer, telecom, recruitment, insurance, books, government, business, PR, medical, technical, travel and software. specialise in English-French translation and Spanish-French translation. The majority of our clients seek French translation from and into English, German, Italian, Korean, Chinese and Japanese. has experienced native, industry-specific translators to do the job. The translation is reliable and of high quality. A team of French translators selected from native speaking countries - Canadian French and European French - with a variety of skills and expertise work for The specific needs of clients are met from the customised knowledge and strength of the team at hand. French translation services include proofreading and editing done by independent professionals at no extra charge. French translations done by other sources can also be forwarded to the team of French translators for proofreading and editing.



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