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Lithuanian, one of the Baltic languages of the European union is closely related to the Latvian language and is written using the Latin alphabet. It consists of two dialects and is a phonemic language, this means that one letter corresponds to a single sound. In the Lithuanian language 12 vowels are recognised.

Lithuanian translation can be complicated but as it is spoken in many regions around the world, including the United Kingdom it is useful to obtain accurate Lithuanian translation when required. Lithuanian translation is best conducted by native linguists who have many years of experience in both Lithuanian and English translation. It is not enough to merely translate words and phrases from one language to the other. An intimate understanding of the language, especially in the context of cultural norms should be requisite.

Legal, financial, medical, website, certificate or personal texts can all be translated from English into Lithuanian and vice versa or from Lithuanian into a great variety of other languages. However great care needs to be taken to accurately convey the intended message. A qualified, experienced linguist will effectively translate your texts and seamlessly convey an accurate message to your readers without awareness that they are reading a translated text.



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