Document Translation

Translating documents of any kind is tricky. Mistranslations of legal documents or medical reports, for example, may have grave and far-reaching consequences. Assigning a translation bureau you can trust is therefore paramount

For this reason, at, we employ only fully qualified and experienced translators for document translation, who are not only perfectly fluent in both languages but also have in-depth knowledge of “Legalese” and the different jurisdictions involved. By the way, it goes without saying that your documents are treated with the utmost confidentiality. If required, we will be happy to issue a non-disclosure agreement before your documents are revealed to us.

As a professionally accredited translation agency in accordance with EN 15038, we are fully equipped to deliver accurate and reliable document translations. Indeed, many of our 1200 language experts are also accredited and can perform certified translations accepted by the authorities and courts. Translations of personal documents and certificates needed for legal or administrative proceedings, for example, need such a certification. We can provide certified translations of all documents in a few days, so that you can submit your all-important documents in time.


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